GP appointments and bookings FAQs

The health centre receptionists give advice about the practice and make arrangements for consultations. You may talk to them in person or speak to them on the telephone. You should first decide whether you wish to consult with a doctor or with a nurse and whether an appointment is necessary. Telephone discussions save time and are often more convenient, both for you and for us.

Telephone Consultations

To avoid unnecessary interruptions, doctors and nurses take only emergency calls during consultations, but will always phone you back later in the day if you leave a message. It is also possible to book a future time slot for a telephone consultation. Sometimes we telephone patients ourselves, to check on progress, to discuss investigation results, or to suggest a visit to the health centre. If you say your call is private or leave no details we will assume it is not urgent. Please make sure you are available to take a return call and you are in an area with a signal.

Health Centre Consultations

All consultations are by appointment and are usually ten minutes in length. Sometimes a longer appointment is needed, so please tell the receptionist if you think you may need more time.

It is helpful if you can give some idea of the reason for your attendance, particularly when booking to see a nurse. This helps our reception staff to ensure that they allocate an appointment of the correct duration with the most appropriate clinician.

Routine consultations are usually booked between 9:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:20.

There may be a few days’ wait for a routine consultation, especially if you wish to see a particular person, but if you explain to the receptionist that your need is urgent, you will always be offered a telephone call the same day.

Video Consultations: Find out about AccuRx

We are now using AccuRx for video consultations. As this is very new for lots of patients below is a short video which you might find helpful.